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1001 Phrases You Need to Get A Job

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"From the title I expected the bare minimum: a small, terse book such as you used to find near the checkout in book stores. However, at nearly 400 pages and the size of a textbook, there's much more here beyond the single large chapter that does in fact list resume 'buzzwords' broken down roughly by job category - and that range of jobs is broad and not limited to traditional white-collar professions." - Amazon buyer

Find the right words for the best job!

It's not enough to have the talent and experience to land the right job—you have to be able to put that talent and experience into words. With just the right phrase, you can highlight your achievements in your resume, make the cover letter pitch that sets you apart from the crowd, and underscore your unique skill set in the interview that lands you the job.

In 1,001 Phrases You Need to Get a Job, employment gurus Nancy Schuman and Burton Jay Nadler show you how to walk the walk and talk the talk you need to win the job you want.