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A Day Like This: A Novel

Brand: Lake Union Publishing   |   Status: Hết hàng

“Masterfully crafted and wonderfully original, A Day Like This is storytelling at its best, leaving you with the tingly what-if feeling that keeps you wondering about the story and the possibilities for your own life long after the last page is turned.” ― Suzanne Redfearn, #1 Amazon bestselling author of In an Instant


“The best books are those that force us into another’s shoes, into their joys and sorrows, their loves and their losses... A thoughtful tale rich in both question and possibility, plumbing the mysteries of diverging paths, roads not taken, and the journey toward self-acceptance. This beautiful debut is guaranteed to echo long after the last page is turned.” ― Barbara Davis, bestselling author of The Last of the Moon Girls​​​​​​​

What if everything you’ve ever loved, ever known, ever believed to be true…just disappeared?

Annie Beyers has everything―a beautiful house, a loving husband, and an adorable daughter. It’s a day like any other when she takes Hannah to the pediatrician…until she wakes hours later from a car accident. When she asks for her daughter, confused doctors tell Annie that Hannah never existed. In fact, nothing after waking from the crash is the same as Annie remembers. Five happy years of her life apparently never happened.

Annie’s marriage is coming to an end. Now a successful artist living in Manhattan, she’s no longer home in their beloved upstate farmhouse. Her long-estranged sister is more like a best friend, and her recently deceased dog is alive and well. With each passing day, Annie’s remembered past and unfamiliar present begin to blur. Haunted by visions of Hannah, and with knowledge of things she can’t explain, Annie wonders…is everyone lying to her?

The search for answers leads Annie down an illuminating path far from home, to reconcile the memories with reality and to discover the truth about the life she’s living.