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An Experiment in Leisure

Brand: Vintage   |   Status: Hết hàng

I adore this book... Shows us theburning, intense, messy beauty of youth ― Maxine Peake

A stunning, vivid and very funny debut ― Saskia Vogel, author of Permission

This is such a special book. With deeply joyful pace, and rhythm, I grew as obsessed with the prose itself as I did with the plot and characters. As things in the Big World seem to get more binary, An Experiment in Leisure plunders the grey area with wit and forgiveness - and that's exactly where I wanted to be ― Tom Rasmussen, author of First Comes Love

Remarkably assured... An attractive aspect of Glendenning's writing is the warmth with which she suffuses not just Grace but her whole cast of characters ― Daily Telegraph

'I adore this book! ... An Experiment in Leisure shows us the burning, intense, messy beauty of youth and what it means to be alive' Maxine Peake

'Can I get a refund?' I asked the bus driver.
'You taking the piss, love?'

It's the eve of Brexit, and Grace is supposed to have what she wants. She's swapped West Yorkshire for north London, her accent carefully edited. Her friends drink beer out of artful tins. She makes flat whites for people with berets. She's found a psychoanalyst.

But this fantasy of metropolitan cool is turning out to be more costly than she thought and Grace faces complicated crises of identity, class, sexuality and geography.

Can she remember how to love? Can she find a way home?

'A dizzying yet powerful read' Claire-Louise Bennett, author of Checkout 19