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Beyond the Horizon

Brand: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform   |   Status: Hết hàng

This book is full of lovely inspiring verses well written and full of lovely illustrations. I would highly recommend this book. - Amazon customer review

An illustrated journey of friendship & discovery

Black and White Edition

All the cat wants is to go on an adventure. The tortoise prefers to stay at home and isn’t ready to set out into the big, wide world. With a little encouragement from the cat, the tortoise finally decides it’s time to leave home behind.

A mindful journey of self-discovery sees the cat and the tortoise finding beauty in the smallest of moments. With each other as company, they cross paths with kind-hearted animals, colourful flowers and charming scenery.

Binding them together is the greatest gift of all…

Their adventure is a heart-warming tale, filled with wisdom and brimming with love.

Living in the moment is the only way to answer one important question:

What lies… Beyond the Horizon?

“I wonder what lies beyond the horizon?” Said the cat.

“The unknown.” Replied the tortoise.