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Bloom : Art, Flowers and Emotions

Brand: Tate Publishing   |   Status: Hết hàng

'This is actually a wonderful revelatory book connecting art, flowers and emotion. It's beautifully written, with some really fascinating insights into works in Tate's collection. The design is stunning, I think it would make a fantastic present for anyone who loves flowers and art.' - Amazon Reviewer

Bloom is a compendium of 100 of the most beautiful floral works from Tate's collection.
Designed to encourage slow, mindful looking, it will bring reflection, restoration, and joy.

A remarkable new book providing unique insight into Tate's collection through the depiction of plants and flowers. With their delightful colours, incredible natural beauty, and fascinating ;otherness,; it is no surprise that flowers and plants have long captivated artists.
They have come to symbolise a gamut of complex human emotions, including hope, delight, love, compassion, gratitude, grief, and loss. The fragility of flowers is a poignant reminder of the fleeting nature of life. Their sensory appeal--to our sight, smell, touch and even, sometimes, taste--brings us into the present moment, and they can affect our well-being in surprisingly healing ways.