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BReD: Sourdough Loaves, Small Breads, and Other Plant-Based Baking

Brand: Penguin Books   |   Status: Hết hàng

"BReD lays a deep foundation for understanding sourdough, vegan whole-food baking with strong commitment to true sustainability--starting with bread and growing into a full range of sweet and savory nourishing baked goods that has made the bakery cafe a cornerstone both of their community and in the movement towards sustainable food systems and practices." - Chad Robertson, cofounder of Tartine, recipient of the James Beard Award, bestselling author of Tartine Bread, and co-author of Tartine and Bread Book

"Plant-based, seasonal baking is celebrated in this beautiful ode to bread. Let Ed's passion for and deep knowledge about baking be your guide and soon you'll bring his bakery into your home."-Jim Lahey, recipient of two James Beard Awards and author of The Sullivan Street Bakery Cookbook, My Pizza, and My Bread

Sourdough bread is naturally vegan - flour, water, and salt transformed into extraordinary, delicious bread. Ed Tatton, vegan chef, artisan bread-maker, and co-owner of the popular vegan cafe and bakery BReD with Natasha Tatton, has been baking and refining his recipes and techniques for naturally leavened sourdough for many years - including a wide array of boules, baguettes, loaves, flatbreads, buns, and pizza. As required, he uses plant-based alternatives in some savoury and sweet sourdoughs that would traditionally include dairy (butter, milk, or buttermilk) including panettone buns, hot cross buns, sticky buns, cinnamon buns, English muffins, brioche, and babka. Inside BReD, you'll find these perfected recipes to start your journey in bread-making; along with a detailed sourdough starter guide with step-by-step visuals on making and maintaining a sourdough starter, levain, mixing, shaping, and baking methods. BReD is a complete plant-based book for bakers that goes beyond just making bread. Experienced bakers and novices alike can take their baking to the next level with gorgeous vegan baked goods from cakes, muffins, and scones to biscuits, cookies, and tarts. Passionate about a vegan lifestyle for the benefit of all people and the planet, the book also includes gluten-free recipes (bread and other baked goods), discard starter recipes to further zero-waste efforts, and an offering of dips, spreads, and accompaniments to complement the breads.