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Gudetama: Mindfulness for The Lazy

Brand: Oni Press   |   Status: Hết hàng
200.000₫ 250.000₫

Colourful and engaging, this 48-page book reminds us that it’s important to listen to others, but also to yourself, and understand other people's feelings. Be yourself, live in the present, and treat others as you would like to be treated. - Amazon reader review

Mindfulness takes a lot of mental energy to wrap your brain around. Gudetama is here to help you become a better person...sort of.

Empathizing with others, understanding your feelings, learning to be selfless. These all sound like really hard things to do! Well fear not, come along with Gudetama who'll guide your way to learning things and more. Living selflessly is something many struggle with. Don't worry, Gudetama does too, and wants to join you on your journey in finding the wonders of mindfulness.