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healing for no one but me

Brand: Independently published   |   Status: Còn hàng

'I have read a lot of poetry books in a similar format to this one, but something about this was so relatable and inspiring. It was unique and actually well-written, not just blurbs on a page.' - Amazon Reviewer

Best-selling poet of The Sun Will Rise and So Will We, Jennae Cecelia brings you her tenth poetry book about healing. In a time when the years have felt heavy and uncertain, Healing For No One But Me is meant to make you feel powerful and less alone in your thoughts, while also touching on the realities that happen in day-to-day life. Whether you have anxiety, depression, lost someone you love, went through a breakup, have hit a rough patch, or many rough patches, this book is a healing process. But remember it is your healing process.

Healing For No One But Me is here to bring you the words to remind you that you don’t have to heal alone and you don’t have to rush your healing. It is a place to find comfort. There is a poem for everyone of every age and is the perfect book to read for anyone going through a transitional, transformative, or hard time in their life.