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How The Small Becomes Large, The Large Becomes Unthinkable, and The Unthinkable Becomes Possible

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"This incredibly insightful book was a revelation that got my brain cells dancing. What a delight! Jamer Hunt's captivating stories of the power of scale provides exploding breakthrough clarity that we could all benefit from."―Bruce Nussbaum, Mentor-in-residence, NEW INC., former columnist, Businessweek and Fast Company

From research to practical application, Not to Scale explores an influential theory in an accessible way.

The dictionary defines "scale" as a range of numbers, used as a system to measure or compare things. We use this concept in every aspect of our lives - it is essential to innovation, helps us weigh options, and shapes our understanding of the impact of our actions.

In Not to Scale, Jamer Hunt investigates the complications of scale in the digital age, highlighting an interesting paradox: We now have a world of information at our fingertips, yet ironically the more informed we have become, the more overwhelmed we feel. The global effects of our daily choices (Paper or plastic? Own or lease? Shop local or buy online?) remain difficult for us to comprehend, and solutions to large-scale national and international issues feel inconceivable.

Hunt explains how these challenges are intimately tied to a new logic of scale and provides listeners with survival skills for the 21st century. By taking massive problems and shrinking them down to size, we can use scale to effect positive change and adapt to the modern era. Connecting our smallest decisions to the grand scheme of things, Not to Scale is a fascinating and empowering guide to comprehending and navigating the high stakes often obscured from our view.