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How To Hold a Cockroach: A book for those who are free and don't know

Brand: Hearthstone   |   Status: Hết hàng

"A wide-eyed allegory.... Maxwell effectively uses these vignettes to reflect on self-criticism, love, overcoming one's past, and embracing unknowns. Focusing on philosophical concepts from a childlike perspective, this sunny rumination on self-worth will primarily appeal to new adult readers." - Publishers Weekly

"A thoughtful illustrated work about a boy gaining wisdom about the world around him... The simple, overarching message of these stories and images is one of empathy and self-examination, and their execution in these pages will make it appealing to both adults and younger readers." - Kirkus Reviews

How to Hold a Cockroach is about discovering and freeing ourselves from the beliefs that cause us to suffer. With a message both surprising and simple, it is a love letter to humankind, a book for those who are free and don't know it.

An Inspirational Tale with 42 Beautiful Illustrations

In this story for all ages, a struggling boy begins a life-changing journey when a disgusting guest disturbs his dinner. Continuing to encounter sources of suffering, the boy must investigate fundamental truths he has believed about himself, love, and life. He confronts some of life’s most persistent questions:

  • What am I?

  • What causes me to suffer?

  • How can I be at peace with the traumas of the past and the uncertainty of the future?

  • What determines how I experience life?

Described as “a children's book for adults,” How to Hold a Cockroach was written for adults but is suitable for thoughtful teenagers and children.

For Readers Who Are…

✓ Looking for contemplative and inspirational books about philosophy, spirituality, or psychology.

✓ Facing challenging circumstances, heartbreak, low self-esteem, or resentment towards others.

✓ Finding it difficult to accept the past or fearing what the future will bring.

✓ Fans of the works of Paulo Coelho, Kobi Yamada, or Charlie Mackesy; books like The Alchemist, The Tao of Pooh, The Little Prince, and The Untethered Soul; or spiritual teachers like Tara Brach, Thich Nhat Hanh, Eckhart Tolle, and Cheri Huber.

Regardless of your birthplace, background, or spiritual beliefs -- Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, atheist, Muslim, Jewish, Latter-day Saint, or anything else – this book invites you to explore how you see yourself and the world, re-examine your perspectives, and free yourself to experience more joy, peace, and love.