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I Remember Nothing and other reflections: Memories and wisdom from the iconic writer and director

Brand: Black Swan   |   Status: Hết hàng

Read Nora Ephron because she's funny, read her because she's wise, read her because she never writes a boring sentence, read her because she's sharp as a knife but her heart's in the right place... Enjoy! ― David Robson, Daily Express

As always, she has an eye for the killer detail... a mixture of memoir, rants and observations... This book is as grown-up as a dirty martini -- Daisy Goodwin ― The Sunday Times

If we have to grow old (and as they say, consider the alternative) there's no better guide ― People Magazine (Top 10 Books of 2010)

'Memories, aphorisms and stern good advice from America's favourite naughty aunt' - Independent on Sunday
'This book is as grown-up as a dirty martini' - Sunday Times
'Sharp as a knife' - Daily Express


In her final book, Nora Ephron reflects on life, growing older, and everything she will and won't miss. Filled with Nora's trademark wit, wisdom and warmth.

* No one actually likes to admit they're old. The most they will cop to is that they're older. Or oldish.

* Freedom of the press belongs to the man who owns one.

* I have been forgetting things for years-at least since I was in my thirties. I know this because I wrote something about it at the time. I have proof. Of course, I can't remember exactly where I wrote about it, or when, but I could probably hunt it up if I had to.