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Magazine B: No.16 AESOP 2ND EDITION

Brand: Magazine B   |   Status: Hết hàng

'Aesop was born in Melbourne, but we have a much more global point of view. Our products were meant for anyone who share the same interests, who are driven by the same desires, who can really appreciate quality, and who notice the small details. In order to present a better experience, these layers of details are required, and we were born to do that.' - Suzanne Santos, Chief Customer Officer of Aesop

In 1987, Dennis Paphitis founded Aesop in Melbourne, Australia, to introduce groundbreaking skincare products that balance plant-based ingredients with scientifically backed and functional skin-friendly ingredients. The brand exudes a keen affection for literature and art, and it has stepped away from conventional marketing strategies in the cosmetics industry — elements of a bold attitude that can be felt in unique ways in each store around the world. Merging with São Paulobased group Natura & Co in 2012, Aesop moved to improve its core brand aesthetic and formulas to create high-quality products and a sustainable corporate vision that it continues to spread globally.

'Aesop products are unisex and unaffected by trends. Dennis also didn’t particularly define our consumer base when he established Aesop in 1987. He wanted a brand that like-minded people would seek out. These people presumably have definitive opinions about the world and value products that are properly made with essential elements, simple packaging, a good store aesthetic, and strong brand culture.' - Frederic Seiller, General Manager of Aesop Asia and Natura & Co China