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Magazine B: No.92 % ARABICA

Brand: Magazine B   |   Status: Hết hàng

In 2013, Kenneth Shoji started coffee brand % Arabica as a small café in Hong Kong. Then, in 2014, the brand opened a global flagship store in Kyoto, Japan, under its "See the world through coffee" motto. One decade later, there are now more than 130 % Arabica stores all across Asia, the Middle East, and in major cities like New York City and London. The striking % logo and store design capture the spirit of Japanese minimalism, which advocates for the purging of unnecessary things. Indeed, the brand’s strategic location selection in iconic places coupled with its coffee quality control system are seen as qualities that helped % Arabica quickly become a rising global franchise.

Amid the waves of numerous brands sweeping the globe, Magazine B shares its perspective on well-balanced brands and uses print media to demonstrate the timeless values of individual brands. Defining a well-balanced brand by four standards—beauty, practicality, price, and philosophy—Magazine B offers unique insights and in-depth analysis of one well- balanced brand in one issue every month.

% Arabica (hereafter referred to as Arabica) is a coffee brand that was started in a small cafe in Hong Kong by founder Kenneth Shoji in 2013. The following year, it opened a global flagship store in Kyoto, Japan, and with the vision of 'See the world through coffee', it entered major cities around the world, including New York and London, as well as Asia and the Middle East, 10 years after its launch. 130 stores have been opened. The %-shaped symbol and store design, which are well known as the brand’s symbol, contain a Japanese minimalistic attitude that boldly removes unnecessary things, and the location strategy located in symbolic places in each city and thorough coffee quality control system make Arabica a global franchise brand.