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Magazine F: No.10 BERRY

Brand: F Magazine   |   Status: Hết hàng

"Our spirit and DNA lie in foraging and preserving ingredients. In the Nordic region, plants only grow during a super short period of time, and we always need to be prepared for winter. So I wanted to study what kinds of preservation methods I could use for larger quantities of ingredients. This idea has not changed at all over the past 10 years." - Nicolai Norregaard, Owner Chef of Kadeau


"Foraging is my way of meditation. It connects me with nature and helps me better understand the cooking process. The process is a very crucial part of my cooking. This process is what I do when I think about a new dish or decide how to change the carte, whether I’m in my kitchen or on the beach. It’s what I enjoy the most." - Kristian Baumann, Chef of 108cph

Berries generally appear as small, round clusters of edible fruit that have many seeds, bright colors, and tangy, juicy flesh. Blueberries, raspberries, açai berries, goji berries, red currants, and many other types of berries are used as garnishes and to make desserts, jams, and syrups. Rich in anthocyanins, these excellent sources of antioxidants consistently rank high on so-called superfoods lists. Berries are also one natural food most frequently associated with the emerging keyword “well-aging.” Since the mid-aughts, berries have reigned supreme alongside root vegetables and herbs as emblematic Nordic ingredients thanks to the New Nordic Food movement, which advocates a seasonal food culture focusing on wild, local produce.

There are countless varieties of berries that come in various colors and shapes. The fruits are often the main attraction in desserts and drinks. Berries are healthy as they’re packed with nutrients. Most people have a positive image of berries. In addition, as wild food foraging drew attention in Northern Europe in the mid-aughts, wild berries became a symbol of the creativity behind the New Nordic Food movement.