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Magazine F: No.19 WHISKEY

Brand: Magazine B   |   Status: Còn hàng

'For Scottish people, it is a reminder of their home. Although this country has a small population, Scotch stands in the global spotlight. Some say that Scotch is the best invention to come out of Scotland.' - Mark Donald, Head chef of Lalique


'The most important goal, in whiskey blending, is to put the 'energy of time' into the spirit.' - Barnabé Fillion, Whiskey Perfumer

Whiskey, made from germinated barley malt, water, and yeast, is an alcoholic beverage made from distilled spirits. It was first produced by Buddhist monks for medicinal purposes sometime between the fourth and fifth centuries. Depending on the primary ingredient, the drink is categorized into malt, grain, or blended whiskey, and the manufacturing method determines its type into Scotch, Irish, bourbon, Canadian whiskey and other varieties. Since the unique aroma and flavor are formed through the long-term aging in oak barrels, many variables play a role in producing quality whiskey. Master distillers, who oversee production, control these variables and study the combination of flavors to craft a signature formula that reflects a distillery’s personality. Recently, independent bottling companies that do not own distilleries have been ramping up their efforts, innovating with experiments like not printing the age on the label or breaking the limitations of resting times.