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Magazine F: No.20 TOOLS

Brand: Magazine B   |   Status: Còn hàng

'I think a good cooking tool is one that fulfills its original function faithfully and properly. There are many sleek-looking cooking utensils out there, but not all work properly or effectively.' - Charlotte Wright, Senior Buyer of The Conran Shop


'I was looking for ways to enjoy these repetitive tasks and found the answer in kitchen utensils. I make housekeeping more interesting by rotating the tools and cutlery we use daily. My daily routine might look the same, but I’m aware of the slight differences, which drive me to carry on.' - Haesun Lee, Market CEO

An essential part of any kitchen, cooking tools work with elements like fire, water, and time to handle and manipulate ingredients. As interest in food and cooking grows, cooking tools evolve to suit diversifying food cultures and draw up a roadmap of culinary history. Even basic tools such as knives, pots, frying pans, and measuring gadgets have become increasingly subdivided by specific use or grouped together in function families. And traditional items made of wood, stone, and cast iron are back in full force as they satisfy both aesthetic and functional needs. Cooking tools are, in a sense, a barometer of the kitchen—the place where we can track changes across food cultures, interior design, technology, and lifestyles.