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Magazine F: No.21 RAMYUN

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'Philosophy is not about pursuing one right answer—it just exists within our thoughts and flow from one thing to another. Likewise, no one can get have a correct answer when it comes to ramen, but I think that is what makes it so attractive.' - Ken Aoki, Designer

'I think ramen is a food that expresses the diversity and thoughts of many people because there are so many styles.' - Katsuki Matsuura, Owner-chef of Neiroya

Ramyun, or ramen, is a prime barometer of diversity in Asian food cultures. Broadly speaking, this dish consists of noodles served in a hot broth, and it is commonly sold in packs or cups as an instant food product all over Korea. Instant Ramyun in particular is lauded as one of the greatest inventions in human history because anyone can serve up the same tasty meal in minutes with nothing more than the package contents, some water, and a stovetop. The fresh ramen culture of Japan, the birthplace of the dish, now boasts countless regional varieties with different specialty broths. Next door in Korea, Ramyun is transcending its status as just a convenience food and is becoming a culinary staple in Korean cuisine thanks to rapid product development and recipes that reflect consumer demand and dining culture.