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Maps for Lost Lovers

Brand: Faber & Faber   |   Status: Hết hàng

'This is explosive stuff, providing a core conflict around which flit other stories, variations on themes of loneliness, exile, love found and more often lost ... That so much bleakness is rendered in such exquisite prose is this novel's other defining characteristic.' -- Hephzibah Anderson ― Observer

'In this book, filled with stories of cruelty, injustice, bigotry and ignorance, love never steps out of the picture - it gleams at the edges of even the deepest wounds. Perhaps this is why the novel never gets weighed down by all the sorrows it carries: there is such shimmering joy within it too.' ― Guardian

Winner of the Kiriyama Prize and the Encore Award, and shortlisted for the IMPAC Prize.

In an unnamed English town, Jugnu and his lover Chanda have disappeared. Rumours abound in the close-knit Pakistani community and then, on a snow-covered January morning, Chanda's brothers are arrested for murder. Telling the story of the next twelve months, Maps for Lost Lovers opens the heart of a family at the crossroads of culture, community, nationality and religion.