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Modern Japanese Ikebana: Elegant Flower Arrangements for Your Home

Brand: Tuttle Publishing   |   Status: Hết hàng

"This book has lessons on how to make flower arrangements with accent lines using many different branches and leaves and how to manipulate them.
Each illustration has a lesson and gives a list of what flowers and greenery were used to make the arrangement. So many ideas and pictures! I would definitely say it gets your creative juices flowing" - Amazon Reviewer

A modern approach to traditional Japanese floral design.

Award-winning flower designer Shinichi Nagatsuka explains how anyone can create beautiful arrangements using his signature N Style method. Easy to follow, it is based on accent lines rather than the complex system of rules used for traditional Ikebana.

Accent lines are the natural shapes of the flowers themselves--which means vertical arrangements require a different eye than horizontal or round ones, for example. By understanding how the shapes of flowers and plants affect your design, you'll learn to choose just the right ones to achieve your desired look and feel.

With over 280 color photos and 42 projects, Modern Japanese Ikebana unlocks the mysteries of the art of Ikebana. By following the N Style method, you can bring a natural flow to your arrangements, achieving balance and an overall harmony of design.