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Nowhere to Be Found

Brand: Amazon Crossing   |   Status: Hết hàng

“The creation of a second Cheolsu whose existence is neither proved nor disproved is typical of Bae’s refusal of narrative. The mystery, like the achievement of the book, occurs not in space, but in time.” ―The National

“A compact, personal account of anomie and withdrawal in a time of rapid social and economic change…an easily digested short book that nevertheless feels much very substantial―a very full story. Impressive, and well worthwhile.” ―The Complete Review

Nominated for the PEN Translation Prize and the Best Translated Book Award

A nameless narrator passes through her life, searching for meaning and connection in experiences she barely feels. For her, time and identity blur, and all action is reaction. She can’t quite understand what motivates others to take life seriously enough to focus on anything―for her existence is a loosely woven tapestry of fleeting concepts. From losing her virginity to mindless jobs and a splintered, unsupportive family, the lessons learned have less to do with the reality we all share and more to do with the truth of the imagination, which is where the narrator focuses to discover herself.