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Pillow Thoughts IV: Stitching the Soul

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"Courtney Peppernell has been one of my favorite authors of all time and this surely did not disappoint. I loved everything about this series, how the author was able to structure her words marvelously and uniquely with making the readers feel loads of different emotions. Her poems will never fail to leave the readers inspired. Many of the poems from Pillow Thoughts I - Pillow Thoughts IV truly speaks to the soul." - Goodreads

The final installment in this bestselling series completes the journey that Courtney Peppernell began with Pillow Thoughts. With 600,000 copies sold across the series, Pillow Thoughts continues to inspire all who dip into Courtney's encouraging words.

Self-healing is the theme of the entire Pillow Thoughts series. While books II and III focus on healing the heart and mind, respectively, Pillow Thoughts IV offers a balm for healing the soul. Have a cup of tea and let yourself feel.