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Poetry Of Flowers

Brand: Independent Publisher   |   Status: Hết hàng

"The writing in this was astronomical. Everything about Emmy's writing, from the poetry, the scenarios, to the emotions was perfect. Also, the romance in this novel had me swooning because of the way they both looked out for one another, the way he always cared for her and how they both noticed the little things about one another." - Goodreads Reviewer

“Come my flower, lay your lips on mine, and all the wounds will heal, all the pain will disappear, and our hearts will be at peace. Come and free our bruised and trapped souls.”


Matilda Avril and Kayden Kidd are best friends for eternity.
They have always been each other's safe place, right next door.
But grief can separate friendships.

Tillie's mother died in a car crash when she was just seven-years-old, leaving behind a two-year-old son and a daughter who had to grow up too soon when her father turned to alcohol. Living turned into surviving. The beautiful flower started to wilt.


Kayden's life had seemed so easy, his trust fund money and his famous family name, and yet no one could see what was going on behind closed walls.
He told no one, not even his best friend, the forbidden flower he secretly loved most in this world.


Kayden and Tillie's story is an adventure across the country, filled with secrets and memories with their friends. Will Kayden's plan to make his best friend start living again work, or will the secret of their journey destroy everything?