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Pure Colour

Brand: Picador Paper   |   Status: Hết hàng

“Just like that, there’s magic. Like Iris Murdoch’s novels, Heti’s are philosophically intense, although Heti’s work is pared down where Murdoch’s was Rabelaisian. Heti owns a sharp axe. In Pure Colour the wood chips that fall are as interesting as the sculpture that gets made.” ―Dwight Garner, The New York Times Book Review

“Brazenly strange . . . Heti’s metaphorical range keeps you on your toes . . . An impressive spectrum of meaning and feeling, both abstract and tangible, solemn as well as silly, hitting notes that recall Ovid, Kafka and, oddly, the climax of Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. The wacky metaphysics generate a what-if? comedy that gains voltage from Heti’s refusal to milk it for allegory . . . One-of-a-kind, curious in two senses . . . Nothing less than vital.” ―Anthony Cummins, The Guardian

A new novel about art, love, death, and time from the author of Motherhood and How Should a Person Be?

Here we are, just living in the first draft of creation, which was made by some great artist, who is now getting ready to tear it apart.

In this first draft, a woman named Mira leaves home for school. There, she meets Annie, whose tremendous power opens Mira’s chest like a portal―to what, she doesn’t know. When Mira is older, her beloved father dies, and she enters the strange and dizzying dimension that true loss opens up.

Pure Colour tells the story of a life, from beginning to end. It is a galaxy of a novel: explosive, celestially bright, huge, and streaked with beauty. It is a contemporary bible, an atlas of feeling, and a shape-shifting epic. Sheila Heti is a philosopher of modern experience, and she has reimagined what a book can hold.