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Brand: Dailylike Korea   |   Status: Còn hàng
Size Material Weight
Sticker: 80 x 150 mm
Backing: 80 x 185 mm
paper 7g

The gummy bear phone deco sticker is a great sticker to use when decorating your phone. Gummy bear characters are designed to fit various themes, and add a highlight to a plain cell phone. It is a remover sticker that can be used without leaving any marks, and is a great sticker to stick on not only cell phones but also iPads and laptops. Complete your unique mobile phone decoration with gummy bear phone decoration stickers.

The gummy bear phone deco sticker is a product designed by Dailylike.
All intellectual property rights to product designs and photos belong to dailylike, so please refrain from using them without permission.

Please note that colors may vary depending on monitor model, resolution, indoor lighting, etc.
Exchanges and returns are not possible due to differences in color from the monitor or because it is not what you expected. Please purchase carefully.