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The Machine Stops

Brand: Penguin Classics   |   Status: Hết hàng

'It's amazing that in 1909, EM Forster anticipated not only the internet and social media, but also Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this dysfunctional future short story or novella, humans live in underground cocoons physically isolated from each other and communicating almost entirely by video links, in a world completely controlled by a 'mechanical' intelligence, The Machine, which they no longer understand and have begun to worship. And of course, as the title implies, it eventually, catastrophically, stops.' - Amazon Reviewer

"You talk as if a god had made the Machine," cried the other. "I believe that you pray to it when you are unhappy. Men made it, do not forget that."

E.M. Forster is best known for his exquisite novels, but these two affecting short stories brilliantly combine the fantastical with the allegorical. In 'The Machine Stops', humanity has isolated itself beneath the ground, enmeshed in automated comforts, and in 'The Celestial Omnibus' a young boy takes a trip his parents believe impossible.

This book contains The Machine Stops and A Celestial Omnibus.