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The Only Study Guide You'll Ever Need: Simple Tips, Tricks and Techniques to Help You Ace Your Studies and Pass Your Exam

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"It's so much more than a book with study techniques, Jade puts the accents on mental health and how important it is to acknowledge it and its importance so that we can all do better...If you're still a student, you're not alone, you don't need to be so `independent`, there is strength in confiding in each other. This book is a must for everyone in the education system." - Amazon buyer

We've all been there: a new school year starts and there's 8 months till your exams - that's plenty of time, right Then there's 6 months, 3 months, 1 month and oh, now there's 2 weeks left and you haven't started studying...What happens next is a panic-induced mayhem of highlighting everything in the textbook (without even questioning if it's actually helpful). But I'm here to help you change this!In The Only Study Guide You'll Ever Need, I'll cover a range of different topics including: How to get started and pick up that pen Learning techniques that actually work (hello, science of memory!) The dos and don'ts of timetabling And combatting fear of failure, perfectionism, exam stress and so much more!As a fellow student now at university, I definitely don't have a PhD in Exam Etiquette but this is the book younger me needed. All I wanted was one place that had a variety of tried-and-tested methods with reassurance from someone who had recently been through the education system. The Only Study Guide You'll Ever Need is just that, and I have collected the best techniques and tools I wish I'd known earlier to help you get through your studies and smash your exams!