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The Pop-Up Pitch

Brand: PublicAffairs   |   Status: Hết hàng

"As the world gets more complex, Dan Roam still delivers great simplicity. Mapping out a crystal clear, foolproof process, Roam leads the way through ten steps to more effective storytelling. Next time you have a high-stakes presentation, let this wonderfully practical book be your trusted guide."--Tom Kelley, coauthor of Creative Confidence and partner, IDEO

"Dan Roam has unearthed the core elements of persuasive storytelling and assembled into a single, simple path. If you follow Roam's approach, you'll quickly make meaning for your audiences -- and for yourself."--Daniel H. Pink, #1 New York Times bestselling author of WHEN, DRIVE, and TO SELL IS HUMAN

"Dan Roam is the master of using simple pictures to sell big ideas. I've stolen truckloads from him, and now you can, too!"--Austin Kleon, New York Times bestselling author of Steal Like An Artist

The Pop-Up Pitch is a radical new approach to help you create the perfect presentation, combining three key elements of persuasive storytelling-simple pictures, clear words, and powerful emotions-that together motivate audiences to pay attention, learn something new, and make effective decisions.

The Pop-Up Pitch weaves together the latest insights on visual cognition, behavioral economics, and classic story structures in an easy-to-learn and inspiring storytelling algorithm. In this new era of remote, work and online presenting, it delivers powerful and persuasive outcomes for time-limited professionals dealing with complex ideas, attention-deficit audiences, and the evolving challenges of modern meetings.