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The Wealthy Body In Business: Earn More Money By Being In Better Shape

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"In this book, Tim Bean and Anne Laing share countless insights and actionable advice that can help anyone experience the benefits of good health. Executives in particular should pay careful attention to chapters about the brain-body connection, corporate career killers, and ageing. These authors know their material and I am pleased to see their insights now available to us all."- Prof Dr Michael Netzley , Academic Director, SMU-ExD Executive Development, Singapore

The business world is getting tougher rather than easier, faster rather than slower, and more stressful rather than less. The city is uploading more pressure, and companies are downsizing their key talent.

Yet none of us are getting any younger. Instead of becoming stronger, leaner, fitter, faster, more energized, and more engaged, we're mostly getting, slower, sicker, fatter, and weaker. At senior levels the gap between expectations to lead and perform, and the ability and capacity to do so is ever widening. Something has to give, and it is. People in business are crumbling under the load, fading under the pressure, and dying under their desks. The cost to business, to family, and to society is massive and incalculable.

The Wealthy Body In Business is a behind-the-scenes insight--an insider's guide to the most successful strategies, tips, and best practices that we have used successfully with our private clients at the top levels of business over the years. We work with executives, directors, leaders, and luminaries-–all high profile, high-flying men and women-–entrepreneurs operating at the hard edge of business, where the pressures are enormous, the stakes are highest--and the cost of failure is inconceivable.

In applying these simple but robust remedies, you will find yourself becoming leaner, stronger, smarter, sharper, more confident, more agile, and a whole lot less stressed than you've ever been.

Start making better decisions, becoming better leaders, and exponentially extend your influence and earning capacity. Become happier, healthier, and more successful. Love the way you feel about life and about business. Your families will love it, your employees will enjoy it, and your doctor will thank you for it.

Aimed squarely at high-performing individuals, the message from this book is clear: people who are in better shape age better with more energy, are sleeping better, less stressed, thinking smarter, feeling healthier, working better, always being on top of their game, and will always be more successful in business, and in life.