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This Book is For You, I Hope You Find It Mildly Uplifting

Brand: Ten Speed Press   |   Status: Hết hàng

I have found this a lovely book. Having gone through a bereavement it has really helped. A must for any coffee table for those who are aware of mental health and others struggles - Amazon reader review

Beloved artist Worry Lines shares a sweetly funny and deeply relatable illustrated story about hope, worry, and chocolate chip cookies. Worry Lines has captured hearts around the world by posting daily drawings on Instagram. In this book, Worry Lines interweaves these fan-favorites into an entirely new story about the making of the book itself. Charting the creative process from its anxiety-riddled beginning to its (hopefully) hopeful end, This Book Is for You is a charming and honest portrait of worry. This book is for you if you are: 1. A Brave Worrier (BW)2. An Absolute Legend (AL)3. Anywhere from Mildly Concerned About Something (MCAS) to Deeply Anxious About Everything (DAAE)