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Twelve Years a Slave

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"Northup's story is very powerful on the barbaric and brutal levels of violence, on the senseless hate, the screaming injustice, and the sheer stupidity of slavery and on the way a slave-owning society above all brutalises itself." - Amazon reader review

And what difference is there in the colour of the soul?

In 1841, Solomon Northrup was kidnapped in Washington DC and sold into slavery. Separated from his family, he was forced to endure countless injustices and brutalities until he finally managed to escape in 1853.

Twelve Years a Slave is his harrowing memoir about the realities of slavery in the years before the civil war. Vividly portrayed and deeply poignant, the memoir became a bestseller soon after its first publication more than 150 years ago. It is at once a scathing indictment of the institution of slavery and a testament to the endurance and courage of one man.

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