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You Know You're Getting Old When...

Brand: Summersdale   |   Status: Còn hàng

'It is fab - just had to read through it before I gave it to my friend. She was very pleased with it and said it gave her so many laughs she enjoyed her birthday a lot :)' - Amazon Reviewer

Your back goes out more than you do.

You have a party and the neighbours don’t even realise it.

You find yourself repeating things over and over.

You find yourself repea… oh, hang on…

If this sounds all too familiar, perhaps it’s time to grab a cup of cocoa, settle down into your comfiest armchair, and find out whether you really are over the hill or just going round the bend. If your favourite shoes are your slippers, you remember going a day without taking a photo of something or having to actually ‘hang up’ a phone, or you find yourself using phrases like ‘in my day’, then this book will give you a good chuckle (but nothing more strenuous than that – we don’t want you putting your back out again).