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101 Things I Learned in Business School

Brand: Crown Publishing Group   |   Status: Hết hàng

"Great read for busy people. Good to get a good understanding of the basics of business, for those who don't have a background or family in management or finance. Distills highly complex business subjects down into concepts that are quick and easy to understand. Not overly technical with jargon either, and the illustrations are lovely." - Amazon Reviewer

An informatively illustrated guide to business principles by a professor, entrepreneur, consultant, executive, and Harvard Business School graduate.

Success in business--and in business school--calls for a broad knowledge base and the ability to turn it into action. This accessible book provides a thorough grounding in the principles most essential to the study and practice of business, from corporate organization to maintaining customer satisfaction. Lessons include:

-key elements of organizational philosophy, structure, culture, and behavior
-ways to grow a business in new and existing markets
-why fast-growing companies may be chronically short on cash
-how to manage and interpret data when weighing a decision
-how to run a meeting most effectively
-how social and environmental responsibility can be good for business

101 Things I Learned(R) in Business School will appeal to students seeking traction in a demanding curriculum, to self-made entrepreneurs looking to improve their business practices, and to seasoned professionals seeking a refresher on core principles.