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Kickstart Creativity: 50 Prompted Cards to Spark Inspiration

Brand: Clarkson Potter   |   Status: Còn hàng

TRUST THE CREATIVE PROCESS. Ideas need time to grow and develop. When you set your dreams and endeavors aside to incubate, it may not seem like any creative movement is happening. But while you ponder a new concept or intention, you’ll find that new insights reveal themselves in unexpected moments.

PURSUE DISRUPTION. Despite what legend and lore has led so many of us to believe, the creative process is not really all that mysterious. Getting stuck or needing a spark of inspiration is all part of the deal. Take a disruptive (a productive!) break with Kickstart Creativity.


Bust through creative blocks and ignite innovative problem-solving with this toolkit for creative experimentation featuring 50 prompt cards.

What if finding inspiration was merely a matter of gazing through a different lens or trying out a new tool? Kickstart Creativity is a deck of 50 cards—each with a creative exercise—designed to prompt unexpected ways of thinking.

At the start of a personal challenge or work project, draw three cards from this deck and reflect on how the spread relates to your current situation. Choose an action card to learn a new skill, a perspective card to see the world in a novel way, and an intention card to influence more meaningful and mindful choices.

Kickstart Creativity can be used by individuals or by groups of teachers, students, co-workers, and other collaborators as an antidote to creative block. With insights from trailblazing rule-breakers and cultural philosophies from bygone eras, Kickstart Creativity will shift your attention away from the pressure of productivity and toward the path to creative freedom.