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Brand: Europa Editions   |   Status: Hết hàng

"A moving hymn to friendship." ― RTL

“Startling and effecting, Three is a novel about the refuge found in true friends, and about the mercy of self-acceptance. Perrin’s prose is engrossing, transforming ordinary situations into delectable treats." ― Foreword Reviews

"The numerous twists and eye-opening revelations will keep readers riveted. [Three] offers a bounty of rewards." ― Publishers Weekly

"A beautiful, intensely atmospheric bittersweet dream of a book." ― MATT HAIG (on Fresh Water for Flowers)

"What may on the surface of it appear gloomy and morose, in Perrin's hands is an appealing indulgence in nature, food and drink, and, above all, friendships." ― GUARDIAN (on Fresh Water for Flowers)

Adrien, Etienne and Nina are 10 years old when they meet at school and become inseparable. Years later, a car is pulled up from the bottom of a lake, with a body inside. Virginie, a local journalist with an enigmatic past, follows the case. Step by step she reveals the extraordinary bonds that unite the three childhood friends. How is the car wreck connected to their story? Why did their friendship fall apart?
Three is a compelling story of love and loss, hope and grief, and of the distance that comes with the passing of time. A masterly crafted story full of suspense and unexpected plot twists.